Churrasco, or Brazilian BBQ, is new to South Western Manitoba. You may have visited a Brazilian Steakhouse else where, but now you can have this experience in your own backyard…literally.

We are Canada’s 1st and ONLY mobile Brazilian Steakhouse.

The following are a answers to questions we frequently get asked. Our hope is that they clarify a few of your own curiosities.

Does your meat come from Brazil?

No, we try to buy all of our meat local to where the event is being held to have it as fresh as possible. Local, independent butchers are our favorite option, but sometime we buy from supermarkets.

Though our meat is purchased in Canada, our seasoning for the meat as well as a variety of dessert ingredients are imported.

Do you service outside of Brandon? How far?

Yes, since we have portable pits, we have the ability to travel. We are able to go almost anywhere, however all expenses incurred because of the travel will be charged.

Mileage will be charged at a rate of $0.54/km for the first 5000 km and $0.48/km after that, as per CRA allowance.

How many people can you serve?

We have no minimum, but state that 80 people is our maximum for a meal.

This, however, could possibly be increased for certain types of events (a come & go) or even meat selections.

Can you do any kind of meat like this?

Yes, it is possible to do almost any kind of meat on the skewers over the coals. There are, however, varying degrees of difficulty to each meat.