Our Approach

Our Story

After living in Brazil for almost 10 years, Dwayne Klassen was immersed in the Brazilian culture and learnt their culinary secrets.

Under the instruction of numerous ga├║chos (traditional nomadic ranchers), Dwayne learned the art of roasting meat in the authentic Brazilian churrasco way and is able to cook cuts of beef, pork and chicken to give you an authentic Brazilian experience, including aromas and flavors.

We also mastered the making of many salads and desserts that commonly go along with the churrasco experience and will wow your taste buds with delicious flavors.

Our Story

Meet the Team

This is a family venture. We serve together and hope that you and your guests are blessed by what we have to offer.

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Dwayne Klassen

Owner & Head Chef

Dwayne is the head Charrasqueiro (BBQer).


Jaden & Beatriz Klassen


Jaden is a charrasqueiro apprentice and Beatriz helps with salad and dessert preparation.